Deburring and liquid coatings

Category: Shearing


3 paint lines

1 automated paint line


Technical capabilities:

  • deburring, coating, hardening and metal sheet cooling processes combined in one liquid coating line
  • removal of vertical burrs created during the metal sheet cutting and lasering processes
  • option to apply C-5 and C-6 type coatings to sheets in accordance with ASTM A976 and an adhesive coating
  • option to deburr and coat both segmented and round metal sheets with thickness from 0.35 to 2 mm
  • maximum diameter of round metal sheets: 1250 mm
  • minimum dimension of the sheet to be coated: 300 mm
  • process quality control in accordance with ISO2490 and PN-ISO 1584 standards, coating thickness measurement with Fisher FMP30 meter, insulation resistance measurement by the Franklin method in compliance with ASTM A717
  • coating of large-size sheets on an automated paint line