Assembly and welding

Category: Structures


- 2 Messer acetylene cutting machines:

  • thickness range: from 2 to 300 mm
  • bench size: 3500 x 12000 mm
  • Metal sheet rolling on rollers


- B-9 and B-28 rollers

  • maximum sheet metal thickness: 10–25 mm
  • maximum sheet metal width: 2000–3000 mm
  • minimum coiling diameter: 270–600 mm

Welded structures manufactured:

  • stator frames
  • bottom and top trusses
  • rotors
  • pressure segments
  • end shields
  • fans



We undertake welding processes using the following methods:

  • 135: MAG–semi-automatic with active gas shielding
  • 141: TIG–tungsten electrode in inert gas
  • 111: MMA–manual arc with coated electrodes

Overall dimensions of the welded structures:

  • max. dimension of a single unit: 12 m x 4.1 m x 3.7 m - max. weight: 32 t.
  • max. dimension of a single unit: 12 m x 6.2 m x 4.0 m - max. weight: 100 t.
  • max. dimension of welded construction after assembly 16 m x 16 m x 6 m - max. weight: 100 t.

Our welding shop is equipped with:

  • cranes with hoisting capacity up to 32 t
  • cranes with hoisting capacity up to 100 t
  • workshop cranes with lifting capacity up to 1 tonne,
  • a travelling mobile platform with maximum working height up to 6 m.

We possess the following welding certificates:

  • quality requirements for welded metal materials according to EN ISO 3834-2
  • authorising welding of structural steel components to EN 1090-2 class EXC4

Vibration stabilisation

As part of the removal of welding stresses process, we offer a vibration stabilisation process. This is a cost-effective alternative to heat treatment. We have a self-calibrating vibrating device which automatically generates a stabilisation report. We can vibrate structures ranging from 0.1 to 40 tonnes.