For over 70 years, DONAKO has been a supplier of the highest quality components and special tools for the construction of electrical machinery. We also manufacture stator, rotor and pole stacked cores as well as welded structures, and provide a number of engineering services in the following sectors: hydrogenerator constructions, mechanical and electrical calculations and specialized computer programs.

Currently, over 90% of our products are sold on global markets. We gain the trust of an increasing number of international customers by constantly expanding our offer and adapting products and services to market changes.

Our products are installed in Wind, Hydro, Turbo and Motors applications. We also supply components to the electrical machinery service market. We produce our own tools and equipment.

The uniqueness of our products and services is confirmed by our clients and business partners through continuous cooperation and the launch of new projects. Our strength and energy, combined with the awareness of the need to invest in technical development, guarantee that our customers' expectations will be fully met. We currently employ over 350 people, giving them full support in the development of their professional careers. People, funds, resources and production capacity – all these elements demonstrate the local strength of DONAKO. The company's headquarters is located in Wrocław, Lower Silesia.


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