A recognized manufacturer of components and tools, and provider of services, technologies and solutions for the global electro-machinery industry, supporting its customers, employees and other stakeholders in achieving success.

A business partner and employer of choice, enhancing the added value offered to customers in the global electrical machinery market through process optimization, improving capabilities, research and development, while respecting the environment and ensuring growth in company value.

Currently, over 90% of our products are sold globally. Our plans are to continue expanding our international business by establishing partnerships with electrical machinery manufacturers around the world.

  • energy – Donako’s long-term relationship with the energy industry is supported by its own internal strength – energy, flexibility of action and initiatives to develop Staff.
  • technology – Donako has modern machinery, unique production processes, and the ability to deploy new products and technologies. Our aim is to play an active role in the development of renewable Energy.
  • excellence – Donako offers a comprehensive range of services at the highest quality and technical levels, as well as on-time delivery, problem-solving ability and trust.