donako logoThe mission of the 4D Donako team


  • The main objective of the company is to unlock the resources of knowledge and experience gained over years of work by our crew. 
  • The source of our market advantage is the knowledge, both applied and developing, of our loyal Donako team. This is why we’ve created a strong, integrated team of committed project managers, engineers and specialists, who can support the processes of training, innovating and integrating the team and the new staff in key areas.
  • Our main focus is innovation resulting in increased quality and streamlining processes so that achieving our goals doesn’t require excessive control, and work is based on mutual trust and confidence in our expertise. We’re committed to continuously improving our organization.
  • Currently we’re focusing on identifying bottlenecks in production, by bringing in improvements, innovations and procedures in order to eliminate them, as well as systemic, continuous changes towards making production “agile and lean”, so that our economic indicators will allow us to gain measurable benefits for all our staff.