Small scale


Small-sized CNC machine tools:

Matec 30HV – drilling, 4.5D milling

  • Workpiece dimensions (workspace): 1000mm x 3000mm in height 600mm
  • Maximum workpiece weight – 5000kg


Micron VCE Pro 1200 – drilling, 3D milling

  • Workpiece dimensions (workspace): 800mm x 1600mm in height 800mm
  • maximum workpiece weight – 2000kg


DMG EcoMill 800V – drilling, 3D milling


Workpiece dimensions (workspace):

  • 600mm x 800mm in height 600mm
  • max workpiece weight – 1000kg


Universal conventional lathes:

Turning of small workpieces – max diameter up to 500mm, max length up to 3000m


Small grinders:

  • Profile grinding of small workpieces,
  • Flat grinding – max dimensions: 400x1000 x 500mm high


Grinding machine LGB RN 2012 – flat grinding, punch sharpening

  • max. workpiece dimensions: 1200x2000 x height 6000
  • max workpiece weight – 5000kg