Category: Tools

The punching dies and tooling manufactured at Donako are made with the highest precision necessary to meet the ever-growing requirements of our customers.

We use our punching dies and tooling to meet the needs of all sectors of the power industry such as turbine generators and hydrogenerators as well as wind generators and even tidal generators.

We also have a presence in both the classic and permanent magnet motor production sectors.

We supply complete solutions for the manufacture of electrical machinery packages.

Punching dies speed up the production process for electrical steel sheets – both segmented and round – and tooling is used to pack the stators and rotors in electrical machinery.

The development of new types of wind generator using neodymium magnets is also influencing the development of our progressive punching dies and tooling which, along with precision, ensures high production efficiency and process automation.

We build tooling to produce glued packaging with dimensions from 100x100mm, using round instruments for packages with a diameter of 1m and welding instruments for hydrogenerator casings with a diameter of up to 23m.

We are constantly developing our machine park. We have the technical facilities to meet the highest requirements in terms of shape tolerance and dimensional precision.

Checks are carried out using advanced measuring techniques such as Laser Tracker, measuring microscopes, optical scanners, etc.