Category: Tools

Donako also has a range of services for tools such as punching and stamping dies and other production tooling, including:

  • Design and design support,
  • Manufacture,
  • Reconditioning,
  • Modification according to customer requirements,
  • Trials on site or on the customer’s premises.

Obróbka elektroerozyjnaElectrical Discharge Machining – wire cutting machines:

For cutting hard-to-machine steels, contour firing of punches and presses.

Maximum dimensions of workpieces: 800x550 x height 400mm


  • AgieCharmilles Robofil 290P
  • AgieCharmilles 4030S
  • AgieCharmilles CUT 400
  • Sodick SLC 400G

Heat treatment of steel:

  • Annealing (annealing of welded structures, stress relieving, stabilising, etc.).

Max. workpiece dimensions: 1600 x 2400 x height 700mm

Max. workpiece weight: 1000kg

  • Heat treatment of small workpieces (max. workpiece length 500mm)
  • Hardening of small workpieces made of structural and tool steels (e.g. C45, 42CrMo4, NC11LV)